as-Salām ‘alaykum wa Raḥmatullāh wa Barakātuh!
Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and his blessings!

On own behalf

My humble self goes by the name Iftekhar Ahmed and was born in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a couple of years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. After graduation from school my humble self discontinued his studies in computer science after two semesters and decided to devote his life to the al-Jamāa al-Amadiyya al-Islāmiyya. Only just has my humble self been promoted to the ad-Darja ar-Rābia of the Jāmia al-Amadiyya Germany.

The Purpose

The decisive moment for the creation of this website were some allegations against the Jamāat and its members, which my humble self had never heard of before. When my humbe self began to search for answers, the information and insights in the Jamāat literature were rather meager. So my humble self decided to study the topics intensively and to read in primary sources in order to be able to give answers to these allegations.

This affair is linked to a massive amount of workload. This is the reason why it sometimes takes a little longer for a new article to be published. So stay tuned.

Please remember and include my humble self in your prayers.

Wa as-Salām,
my humble self,
Iftekhar Ahmed